I can't be held responsible for the things I say or write...


Things that never cease to amaze me:

1. Snow storms leading to good moods. I've never seen someone be in a bad mood when a snow storm is taking place. Holy use of passive voice in that sentence.

2. Prison Break seemingly making me a bigger and bigger fan no matter how many times they introduce new characters that I hate and say "That's it. I'm done with this show." Of course, then I go Opus Dei on myself for ever thinking such a terrible thing about the best show ever created. I mean the Company just saved Scofield's life. THE COMPANY. SCOFIELD. poop merc?

3. The ability of a man, a video camera, cats, the holiday season, youtube and a shitload of talent to produce this:

4. That in the Bo-De-Ga (anyone pick up which movie I'm referencing?) next to my apartment, you can buy beer singles. The six packs (cans of course) have different beers connected in that weird plastic thing that claimed Flipper's life. So I went ahead and bought a six pack of tall boy Colt 45's. Why? Because when a holiday miracle such as tall boy Colt 45's is put in front of you, you fucking praise the lord for making this miracle possible.

5. The black button on the bottom of the E-Z-Cheese canister. Did you know if you remove that black button, the cheese no longer flows? Who knew?


Blogger Adam said...

Half Baked.

"Why didn't you moon us earlier, eh?"

11:12 AM

Blogger Chris Jamal said...

you better stock up on sparks. they are getting rid of the caffeine inside which makes it utterly useless.

the salty tears i shed into my caffeinated beverage drink are altering its taste. i highlt recommend you dry those tears before getting crunk.

(im not quite sure what that means)

4:19 PM


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