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Do Not Watch This Movie....

I've advocated this once and only once. 1 time only in my entire life have I put the infinite, under no circumstance, in no way shape or form, not even with a gun to your head and you'd have to be even smellyier than a turd sandwich or even douchyer than a douchebag to watch the movie: 21.

Just say fuck you. Say fuck you to whoever thinks about recommending this movie. If Netflix recommends this movie to you, throw your computer out the window in protest. A giant eff you goes to whoever bastardized the book or even worse, took what should have been SO EASY TO WRITE and make decent, only no. You had to go and fox it all up with your inaccurate story lines and your horrible choices in actors and just an awful, awful, awful all around script. I'm not a movie critic...mainly because I can watch awful movies. But not this time. You fucked up, people who worked on 21. And I'm cursing this much even though my mom reads this now. Hi mom.

Anyway, don't watch this movie.

Finally, QP Live now on Twitter. Why? Because if my real self went on Twitter, I'd have to kill myself.


Blogger Lars said...

Agreed on all counts! The book was decent...the movie? ASS. Watched it on the plane to London. I think I fell asleep. Twice.

11:53 AM

Blogger Jake said...

Nice to see the QP is still up and running and ranting.

Hope all is well.


12:22 PM


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