I can't be held responsible for the things I say or write...


I am Jack's summer vacation...

Not the tall one but the one from Fight Club.

It's Prison Break recap time!!! No it's not. It's been months since I've been around so I won't write to the Prison Break side of support that reads these diatribes...though the final Prison Break episode is solely available on DVD/Blu Ray and since I have a Blu Ray player.........Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'll Netflix it.

Speaking of Netflix, my summer has been spent catching up on those classics you're supposed to see but often never do. They range from older movies like "Raging Bull" and "Platoon" to "Million Dollar Baby" and "Semi Pro."

That's right, "Semi Pro." That movie was awful. Can we stop supporting Will Ferrell now? He's not really all that funny. The guy from "The Hangover" tried to be Will Ferrell and that was just as embarrassing as actually being Will Ferrell. People watch SNL because of the history it has of being funny. It goes through periods where it is just not funny at all anymore and then every 10 years or so someone comes along and rescues the show. The last time it was funny was when Will Ferrell was on it. I think he's used up all that good credit he earned from making SNL funny again. Seriously, stop supporting Will Ferrell.

Other than Netflix, I've been playing a lot of basketball. How do you have so much time to watch movies and play basketball? Easy. I don't work over the summer. Summer vacation, folks, is every bit as good as advertised. It's like you have nothing to do and if you do anything you almost feel guilty for having done something. Then you start to think, "Man, if I was really good at summer vacation, I'd be a lot better at Tiger Woods 10 by now." And I should be...though I did play on line with the tall Jack, not the Fight Club Jack, and I won pretty easily. No offense Jack...I mean I don't really do much so I play a lot of Tiger Woods 10 and you have to go to work.

Why am I writing to Jack...it's not like he's reading this...no one is...and that's OK with me because I don't need you, you bastards. I hate you. I just can't stand you.

Yeah, I also just shouldn't be taken seriously. Rogue Dead Guy Ale is a great top off to a full day of movies and basketball spliced with a little bit of Tiger Woods 10. Sweeeet.


Blogger BenjamminSpears said...

still here, ass hole

11:17 AM

Anonymous Dave said...

I would love to kick you ass in TW10, but Im still on the 03 version

6:21 AM

Blogger Beef Supreme said...

Which Dave is that? Otis? If so, quit dodging me, you dodgy fuck. Ed, I'm still reading your blog. I heard you and Patti bumped into the Big Baller Woolf at a Farmer's Market. That sounds like an awesome story.

1:30 PM

Blogger Jack said...

Sooooo, how is schooooool?

5:26 PM

Anonymous shelf said...

If you wrote more, I'd read more.

3:18 PM

Anonymous Not Otis said...

Seriously, 1 post a month?

10:05 AM

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