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Acie Law IV. Yes. You are clutch. You are the reason I picked Texas A&M to advance. You took your team into Kentucky, to play Louisville and you buried foul shots (read that again Maryland) to control and win the game. Yes. Thank you for being you.

Now if Georgetown could pick it up, I'd be pretty damn happy.

you ass helmets

you've got to be joking me. butler is not good. they can do 1 thing and 1 thing only. make 3 pointers. and you lose to that team. nevermind that you beat a team like UNC who is better than you inside and out, even with their second team. but that's the performance you put up againt butler. BUTLER? come on now. and way to focus on your free throws. i know they're real difficult to complete when you clearly don't care whether they go in or not....but it's butler. butler. one dimensional butler.

wear your donkey hat dammit.

he's got "love day" written all over his butt

Xaiver had no right to be in that game and Ohio State deserved to win. right. Actually, Ohio State is the reason that monkey's butt looks like that.

that game was abso-f-ing-lutely amazing. from the streaks that X put on the entire second half, to the come back by OSU with 2 minutes to go to the no intentional/flagrant foul againt greg oden at the end of the 2nd half...that game was just great and everything that march madness is there to create.

plus, it gave a sweet reason to drop this monkey into a post. hey monkey, who's been kissing your ass? was that how thad matta worked magic to pull that game out in the end? cause it sure looks like that.

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umm, maryland...come on now

so you're playing a miniature major and this is how you start? really, i could remind you that butler is not a deserving 5 seed. then i could remind you that you have beaten top ACC teams and also remind you that you're losing because butler is playing like they want it more...just like davidson did. oh yeah, then i could remind you that you are not related to the Slowskis...and that his middle name is Matthew.

so come on you shellbacks...

RIP g-Dub. you'll recover from that 33 point lost by 2013, i'm sure of it.

and try not to get munsoned by campbell.