I can't be held responsible for the things I say or write...


Did you miss me?

It's been a little bit and I figured it's time to give a grand ole life update. That sounds pretty boring but that's about what's going on right now.

So I live in DC again. The case I've worked the last 2.5 years on settled and now all we have to do is pack up all the files and send them to storage. We finished this last week and now I get to sit around and work on new cases for my last two weeks at my job....actually it's more like 4 weeks, but today is the...

1 week to go until I get married, i.e. one last chance to do all those things a single man whose been dating his lady for 7 years can do instead of what a married man can do. You know, like date random chicks, get in bar fights, stay up shooting heroin all night and having illegitimate children with any women or hermaphrodite I want. because she wouldn't get mad at me if we were just dating if i did any of that, right? right. that's exactly my point.

anywho, i realized today that this weekend is pretty much the start of my new life. why? because it was a saturday in the spring and i have no responsibilities. no frisbee practice, no work to go to or potentially go to, nothing like that at all. the wedding plans are pretty much set and the only place i have to be this weekend is a party. pretty damn easy. i slept until 12:30 today. i was asleep around midnight. the last time i slept that long was no doubt sophomore year in college when i spent the entire night at nation playing with glow sticks and double stacks. and i went to bed sober last night.

it amazes me because for the last 2.5 years all i've done is worry about having to go to work or be ready to be called into work. all that is gone now. now i can just sit in front of the 42" of plasma fury in my living room and watch the yankees game. i went for a run, i played with the feminine yoga ball i have and now i write to all of you.

yep, i got one of those yoga balls. you know a device is not intended for you when all of the advertisements and displays have women using the device. it makes me laugh. when i see the displays in stores i tend to try and duck behind objects until i realize that the people in the store don't know i have a giant yoga ball sitting next to my tv. but the ball works. i continue to use it because i think i get more out of it than i do doing regular sit ups and what not. no homo.

but this is pretty much all i got for ya. one week to go until i get married. two pump chuck shotaholler to say we should do something since i'm only single for 1 more week so if anyone wants to get in some trouble this week, let me know.