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cas haley

watch this video...well, actually just watch the song. when they start talking at the end, it's really not worth it and pretty stupid.

this is cas haley. he was on america's got talent. shot out to fauts for making me watch this when we stayed at his place last week. incidently, we watched this instead of young guns, the movie, which is an amazing movie. people like jack who play for a team called the young guns don't even know about the young guns. learn you history son.

anyway, this guy sings the hell out of this song. do yourself a favor and enjoy it.

see you in a week.

blogging at work when i'm very busy. this has to be good.

i've been single for a week and it's the most amazing thing of all time. ever. it's better than anything i've ever experienced in my life. it's unbelievable. i can't tell you how awesome being single is. it's like the greatest thing that ever happened to you and then you get a box of macaroni and cheese to yourself once that greatest thing has happened which only makes that greatest thing become the greatest moment and then you know what happens next? your fucking head explodes. POW right in the kisser.

so i must apologize to the doctor for the above paragraph as she is destined to berate me for writing what i just did, but i've had a super awesome week of no responsibility that i feel like i can somewhat not get in trouble for feeling the way i do. obviously, i wouldn't be all gung ho about this had this actually be my life and not just a 1 week vacation from reality. but i pretty much feel like i've been high all week because everything has been so different.

no roommates when i go home. no one around so i can just do whatever i want, whenever i want, however i want. it's been pretty sweet can't lie.

let me now outline the argument i will be in when i get home next week after a family vacation:

dr: "i don't understand why you really feel that way? is that what you want? this makes me sad."

qplive(mofuka): "i was just kidding around, sort of. it was a pretty awesome week. i'm just saying it was different and i had fun with it"

dr. "but this is what you want. this is terrible. you don't want to be with me."

qplive: "you're crazy"

dr. "i'm not joking"

qplive: "neither am i"

"wanna make out? this is the new qp and he gets down when he wants. he's a changed man. he's a single man in a relationship. girl, you're life is about to change for the better. it's going to get louder, more offensive, more obnoxious and all around more aweomse...it's a new day"

dr. "yes. yes i want to make out."

so that's what is going to happen. i'm not going to win the argument, but i am going to make out and that is pretty cool.

so, like i said, i have a week vacation with the family in oregon starting tomorrow. i'll holler at you when i return, but i am going to try to get 1 more out tonight when i get home.

it's been a fun week. no way i don't get in trouble for this one though.


i'm all set for dinner tuesday, but who's got my back on wednesday?

WOW it's been a week. my bad on that. times are busy these days. monday and friday nights are the only off nights i have...but most fridays i am traveling. tonight is monday night. i am at home. alone. what could i be doing with my free time? really, i could be doing anything. considering that tuesday nights are for softball, wednesday nights for truck stop practice and thursdays for kickball, what, honestly could i be doing?

the answer is boring because it's nothing.

the other factor going into today is that the doctor is out of town for the week. i'll only see her on friday. so you might be thinking that you will see me out and about this week or even tonight since i have nothing to do. i thought about calling various people, walking to new and different places and trying new things. but not really because i haven't seen people in a while. not because i want to explore new places and environments. but for one reason and one reason only:

who the fuck is going to make me dinner?

that is the question i have been trying to answer since i walked into an empty apartment sunday night at 10:30. let's look at the variety of options i considered tonight:

1. going to a bar/restaurant by myself
2. getting a ride home with a co worker who was going by Wendy's on the way home (had that last night for dinner...ate a crispy chicken sandwich, buffalo chicken sandwich, jr. bacon cheeseburger, small fry, frosty and 5 piece nugget). healthy.
3. call chaz. he's always doing something fun and exciting, plus he could talk someone into making us dinner.
4. realized that melissa is out of town so no way she would pity me and make me dinner.
5. consider cooking for myself. i event went to 2 grocery stores, but the lines were rediculous, so i bailed on that plan.
6. order take out.

in the end, though i didn't want to, i ordered from luigi's. how pathetic is this? the doctor always says she worries about what i eat when she is not around and i tell her i'm a grown ass man (thanks chaz) and that i'm fine on my own. how do i prove it on the first opportunity since we moved in together? i went through 6 steps of patheticness and settled on chicken parm.

in the end, i was pretty happy about it. i just wish i could cook better. or that the lines were not so crazy at the super markets. or that they made mac & cheese with chicken, peppers and onions all mixed together on some take out shelf somewhere in this city....because that's what i used to survive on.


i don't know butchie, instead

some things i know, some things i don't.

have you seen "john from cincinnati"? it's amazing. it's the newest HBO show that started the same night as the finale of the sopranos. amazing show. absolutely amazing show.

it's about a surfing family. the father, mitch, was a great surfer and is retired. the son, butchie, "revolutionized" surfing but became a heroin fuck up. now the grandson, sean, (heroin dude's son) is the future of surfing. none of these guys are named john.

then there is ed o'neil, of married with children fame. he is the uncle of the grandson, but not sure whose brother...perhaps grandma.

there is also...grandma is hot by the way. i don't remember her characters name but the role is played by rebecca dimorne...sp? she's older but still got bone me written all over both back pockets of her jeans...holler at your boy...who i guess in this situation is your weener. though, when you think about it, your boy is usually the one that hollers at you in those situations...so listen to your boy when he hollers. holler.

anyway, ed o'neil plays a role closer to the one he played in wanyes world. in that movie, he played the war veteran who was all crazy. in this, he plays a veteran with what might be post traumatic stress sydnrome or something. i don't know. just cause you bone one doesn't make you one (doctor).

and luke perry is in it. i'm not trying to sound all george michael or anything (singer, not arrested development genius) but having luke perry only adds to what appears to be an amazing show. all we've learmed abpit luke perry so far is that he is a sponser and was the son's sponser...however, the butchie turned to heroin and was banned from all sorts of events, lost the sponsorship, yada yada yada, now mitch pretty much hates him. as a result of butchie being a fuck up, mitch, who with hot grandma are legal guardians of sean, wants to keep sean out of all events. sean, however, is clearly the future of surfing. luke perry gets his demo tape and is all about signing him.

so that's about all that's happened....oh, and mitch started floating a few times and that makes no sense to me whatsoever, but it happend.

anyway, the best part about this show, other than the drug issues, the family issues, the shredding on a surfboard (YEAH, using the terminology, i'm the man), is john from cincinnati.

as mo would say, he's loonier than a toon. he uses the same phrases over and over again, like "some things i know, some things i don't". he shows up at butchie's door and butchie determines he is there to learn to surf from the "beast" (butchie). but all he's really done is repeat things butchie has said to him. for example, butchie tells him say "i don't know butchie" instead of saying "some things i know, some things i don't". get it?

fucking crazy.

i don't know what it is about shows with dudes like this but i always want to be like them. who knows what his derangement is but he's genius. he looks like james dean. he has with him $2300, a platinum card (BALLIN) and his id. it seems whatever else he is asksed for materializes out of his pocket.

something is going on on this show and i'm all about it. check this show out. some things i know, some things i don't, but timmy would love this show.

now, jack, gchat him and tell him the shit is updated.


get to work

i started this new routine since i moved back into DC. on thursdays, i wake up at 7 am, put on my running shoes and do my weekly bridge work out. i used to do it on my lunch break on thursdays but when i run from work, do the workout and then run back, it takes longer than the hour i am given for lunch...so i started this new routine and i like it...plus, when i would do it during lunch, i would have to run one fewer set of stairs so i could get back sooner...honestly, that's what i told myself and i got tired of selling myself short.

for those that don't know the workout, along memorial bridge there are a series of evenly spaced lightposts. these go the length of the bridge, which is about .3 miles long. so a typical workout is to jog from one post to the next (1 post length), sprint the next, then jog 2 posts, then sprint 2, jog 1, sprint 1, jog 2, sprint 2...repeat. you do this all the way down, walk it off for about a minute and then turn around and do it again. it's not the longest workout, but it is repetitive sprinting and i feel this is good training for ultimate.

if you do the above listed workout, it comes to 4 sets of 1 post sprints and 3 sets of 3 post sprints in each direction. from there, i always do 10 sets of stairs. there are about 45 steps along the potomac river right there. up counts as 1. i do 2 sets of 5. from there, i jog back home. in total, it takes about 50 minutes.

i do it on thursdays because i used to play basketball on wednesday nights. i like doing two sprint intensive workouts back to back because at tournaments you play 2 full days of ultimate and training one day and taking the next off doesn't seem beneficial to the sport....holy run on sentence QP Live. basketball has been moved to mondays because we are starting to have our first set of weeknight truck stop practices and that is more important (plus a better workout).

i love this bridge workout. i could feel it paying off last night at practice, but that's not the only reason i love it. i love that i am done with this workout and home at 8 to stretch, eat breakfast and shower before work. i love that it puts me in a great mood for the rest of the day, better than i feel any other time of the week.

but what i love the most and what keeps me running is the memories i have from doing this with my college teammates.

i remember faust one day making us start from the very first light post when i used to jog out the first two and then start my sprints. because of ben, i get an extra two lengths out of every workout.

i remember ben carlone, who used to do things on his own and miss a lot of workouts, showing up late 1 day and instead of sprinting variable lengths, jogging 1 and sprinting 1 the whole way down. that always seemed like torture to me.

my fondest memories of the bridge and stairs, however, are of doing them with my main english teach, andrew snausages. this is where i first learned that he was a lot faster than i had ever realized...and that he works just as hard if not harder than any other guy i ever worked out with.

when he was a freshman and on the B team, he was the only 1 to take up the offer to do these workouts with. when he was a sophomore, i would run with him expecting to beat him and he would burn me every length down and back.

i also remember him on the stairs still giving it his all. at the time, i always felt he was going to throw me into traffic or the potomac, because i would yell at him and tell him he wasn't working hard enough on the stairs, but it's the memory of running with him that keeps me going.

lots of things go through my head when i am running in general. it varies from how good i feel about what i'm doing, or how bad i'm feeling that day, what am i going to do with my life, how awesome i think it is that no matter what time i work out, i see 100 other people out there too, etc.

but whenever i hit that bridge, i remember the hungry hungry hippos and that's what is helping me so far this season. i can already feel the difference between this year and last year, in terms of energy on the frisbee field. i never thought i'd feel good on a field again after a few seasons of subpar condition, but since i feel i am on a good pace, i really feel it is important to thank the people that have motivated me.

so thanks mofukas.


you know what was sweet?

the yankees game on saturday that i was really excited to watch? the one that i was pumped to see because it was likely the only free saturday i would have until november...the one where i went to a sports bar to watch this game and only this game and have the weekend be like floating on air because of how excited i was to watch the game?

it was blacked out. didn't get to see 1 second of the game. blacked out at buffalo billiards. 51st state wasn't open. marshall's was blacked out. the internet was blacked out. all i could do was watch the gamecast on the internet and wait for the 5 minute delay on everything.

yeah, that part was not that much fun.

but the weekend, or at least saturday, on whole was great. i went to a block party and then to another bbq. then on sunday i went to work...and then today back to work, where i was until 9 pm.

it's amazing how you can be totally miserable towards the end of your work day that when you get home, you expect to just want to sit in a corner and not speak to anyone. that didn't happen tonight. i got home, then i wrote an email about encouraging my kickball team to have a mass orgy in order to have a mass conception so that next year on kickball opening day, everyone has their child....this is my way to be famous. i'm going to orchestrate a mass birthing and they will call that day QP Live nation day...and no one will celebrate, but everyone will know about it because cnn.com will have it on their oddly enough page...the washington post will have it on it's local page...the drudge report will run it on it's "evil for the sake of being so" page...

yeah, none of that will / would happen, but imagine if, right? yeah...no.

but tomorrow is opening night for softball. i should be more nervous, this being the eve of my professional debut...but i'm not for some reason. maybe it's because i feel i belong on the pro circuit. maybe it's because i've been training all off season. maybe it's because i know i will be focused and ready to perform.

or maybe because it's softball and that means i am the faster, most in shape player there because everyone else is either over weight or can't even run for 10 minutes.

that's right, i'm talking trash because i'm good at softball. you think that's pathetic? you've read this far along in this post about nothing.

but for real, thanks to all you guys for posting comments. it's nice to think there is a clique of people who are all keeping in touch, even if it through reading what people write about themselves.


today is a big, big day







and we're back ladies and gentleman.

the rocket is returning to pinstripes today and i'm actually going to get to watch a weekend baseball game. this is unheard of for me. either i'm working or at a frisbee tournament...but today is my day.

today started at 6:30 am with a nice wake up alarm. the doctor and i were running in the "Lawyers Have Heart" 10k run here in DC. that's 6.2 miles. i run a lot but never 6+ miles. i really didn't know how it was going to work out, but it worked out incredibly well. I finished in 45:06, which comes to a 7:16 mile pace. I was really happy with my time since I have never run in a race before in my life. In the end, I finished in 275th place out of around 2000...I think. I really don't know how many people ran, but I finished first out of the 30 or so people who ran from my firm and I am just really excited to have run so well for so long.

I got back to my place this morning at 9:45. I thought I was going to play in the kickball tournament but I found out right before I left that I was not registered with the rest of the team, so no dice for me.

Which left me with exactly nothing to do for 4 hours. So here I am, in washington, dc by myself typing to the 3 people who read this but ARE ALL IN FUCKING OHIO AT POULTRY DAYS. No problem, I'll hang out with the doctor, right? nope...she went out with her friends. It's 10:30 am and I am still left with nothing to do.


so i'm kind of excited. i'm going to the bar in 30 minutes and from there i will continue on my way to debauchery.

totally f-ing rad day.


i'm just one of those kids who doesn't get away with anything

i just got back from watching "knocked out". it was pretty funny. it was written/directed by the same guys who did 40 year old virgin and it showed. it followed the similar somewhat rediculous theme but at the same time a keeping it real sort of plot to keep friends of all ages engaged....

what was also nice about it was that it was 2 hours in length. it wasn't like one of the will ferrell movies that are hilarious but end after 90 minutes. so you feel like you got something for your money.

the strange things about movies like these, or watching movies like these, is that i sit there next to the doctor and constantly wonder if this is when she realizes that she has no business marrying me. i mean, let's analyze the situation:

beautiful med student, smart, funny, a lot going for her coming from a well rooted family that never fails to impress


loud paralegal with moody personality, somewhat? egocentric with large tendency to irritate/offend most people if given enough time in any social situation.

right, so i'm just supposed to sit next to her during these movies and not think about how i am going to track down the writer/actor who finally gets it through her head. that's not going to be a pretty day....but at the same time, i won't have to worry about what i'll do after that because i'll be all locked up.

it's got to only be a matter of time, right?


I've tried this before

I've tried to put youtube videos on here before, but it never worked. It might this time and that would probably be the raddest f-ing ever.

This is what is affectionately know to Knicks fans as "The Dunk". It's back when the Knicks/Bulls were one of the biggest rivalry in basketball. Chicago was busy dominating the league and keeping Patrick Ewing from ever getting a championship ring, while half of the kids in my class were Knicks fans and the others were miracuously Bulls fans. That used to bother me so much. You would walk in to school and the kid who grew up down the street would tell you all about how awesome "his" team (located 1000 miles away) played last night and about how my favorite team (25 miles away) was going to lose whatever series it was.

But this one play will always serve as a reminder of how good those Knicks teams were...championship caliber and only held back by some of the greatest teams of all times.

John Starks drove the lane and dunked over I believe it was Horace Grant with Michael Jordan unable to prevent it as well. But this 6'1 shooting guard throws down powerfully, left handed and posterizes the world champions. I remember my brother used to have a poster of this dunk in his room and he hated the NBA and the Knicks. It was that awesome. take that take that.

I'm all nostalgic today and have been for the past few days. This past weekend was the final tryout weekend before Truck Stop made its final cuts. We went to a tournament, conviently named CUT (Cazanovia Ultimate Tournament) and the team was decided by the 5 person selection committee last night. I found out this morning that I made the team. For the past few days I had gone through all the emotions of what it would feel like to make the team, to not make the team, and what it will feel like if certain players get cut and other do not. It's sad because we can't just have the same team as last year. We wouldn't be successful that way and not everyone deserved to be on this years team.

But in a lot of ways, there are likely people who are on the team but don't necessarily deserve to be on the team...or at least not yet. There were 3 tryout practices and 3 tryout tournaments. I made it to all 3 tournaments and 2 of the 3 practices. I know there were some people who only made it to 1 of each. This troubles me if only because these players feel they can make it through the season and continue to show up only when convenient to their schedule.

This may sound kind of harsh, but I don't mean it that way. Playing ultimate, be it practice or tournaments, every weekend takes a real committment and a lot of sacrifice. Some people work numerous hours a week, some with school on top of that. Others are just kind of looking for any excuse to get out of it and are skating by on talent alone. I envy those players because I have to work really hard both at practice, at tournaments and on the majority of off days just to be able to touch the disc every now and again on any of the points I play.

In the end, I remember back to senior year at GW, playing Cornell on day 2 at regionals. I remember after we won that game, walking onto the field with my arms raised and fist clenched and feeling like I deserved to celebrate that way. I think that was the only time in my life where I knew that I put in the total effort for the entire season and I was rewarded. I felt that no matter what happened in the final game, I was walking away from my college career with my head high and a wonderful accomplishment. I also knew that all of my teammates had put in the same efforts and sacrifices and earned that victory and that feeling.

That is what I want from Truck Stop this year. It may be my last season playing ultimate, or at least it may be my last playing for Truck Stop. I might be moving next summer. If it is, I want to share a tremendous season with my new teammates and I want to remember the efforts that we collectively put in as a team. I want to be able to recall all the workouts, all the long practices in the miserable DC summer, all the long drives, expensive flights, pain in the ass to deal with tasks like getting hotels and jerseys and rental cars...all of that I want to remember every last detail like I remember my last season at GW. I want to feel like I felt when I saw John Starks throw down over the Bulls. Like it didn't matter what else happened because we accomplished a great feat.

Hallelujah holla back.