I can't be held responsible for the things I say or write...


typing on the bus...

typing on the bus...hi ho the dario i'm typing on the bus.

so why not say hello.


first week of teaching is over. don't so much want to talk about it. not that much fun yet. or maybe never will be. i'm trying to take it one week at a time but that might change to one day at a time.

so everyone is familiar with these rad chinatown buses that go from here to there, there to here and all the filler in between. well, dr. live and myself are on one of them right now and it totally has free internet. not only that, it has outlets too, so if my battery goes low, it's allllllllll good. flat screen tvs, maybe 11-12 inches, as well are on this bitch and there is extra leg room because they removed some seats.

so i should be doing work, but i doubt that's going to happen. why? freaking hulu.com kind of makes it distracting. i intentionally did not bring any dvds so that i would do work.

of course, now that i write this i start to get nervous, so i'm going to go ahead and do some work in a minute. you're a good friend, you know that. thanks for getting me back on task.

generally, i don't really smile until around 7 pm each night when i'm finally home and the doctor and i sit down for a nice meal of food. i found out that once friday comes around though, i tend to start smiling around 3. yesterday, the simpsons were on. i'm trying to make a point of watching the simpsons reruns again because it's been so long since i have. plus, they are on more in NY. so i'm watching and it's the episode with mel gibson where homer is the only one who critiques his new movie and mel decides he needs homer to make it brilliant. it ends with the dog with the shifty eyes and the whole, no one ever suspects the dog line. yeah, that was fun. but what i thought was ironic was when mel talks about needing homer's honest opinion because no one ever shares it with him because he is mel gibson. he goes on to say that he gets pulled over by the cops but they just let him go. this episode aired before the whole "mel gibson is crazy" events that have transpired over the years. i just think when moments like this happen on old tv, that they are just priceless. turns out the cops don't look the other way when you go on a drunk rant about the jews in america. who knew that would come back and make me laugh all these years later?

you didn't. you're not laughing now. that was the worst, most poorly worded paragraph anyone has ever written ever.

in other tremendously huge, hold the presses, stop what you're doing and spread the word event that has happened recently......PRISON BREAK IS BACK...again.

and from what i can tell, better than ever, IF THAT WAS EVEN POSSIBLE! as one of the tens of fans that have seen every episode ever of prison break, i have to say that i loved the 2 hour season premiere, even if it did take me 5 days to finally have a chance to see it. one of the amazing features was that the opening scene lasted 17 minutes. no commercial break for 17 minutes and no one messed up a line! no problems with the set changes! this show is amazing. these actors are unparalleled. the writers are brilliant and i can't believe that a show that started in Fox River Penitentiary in Illinois has made it's way all the way out to L.A. now. What a country.

But seriously, I love this show.

oh, and i created a fake facebook account for one of my friends. this actually is one of the better things i ever did. he didn't/doesn't have an account of his own or anything, so one night i created a gmail account for him, signed up for facebook using his name and the new email and then had all the gmail messages forwarded to his yahoo account. so he gets a call from his girlfriend at 830 then next morning with her excitedly screaming, "OH MY GOD YOU FINALLY SIGNED UP!" to which he had no idea what she was talking about.

so he started making the calls then to find out who did this but i played it cool when my phone rang at 9 am. the hilarious part was that the second the account was created, a few people started writing on his wall, so i wrote back as him. it was amazing. identity theft is wonderful. so throughout the next day i get periodic calls from him telling me that 30 people want to be his friend, are sending him messages, and all that good stuff. he was pretty freaked out. my main purpose was to invite his close knit friends and have them do the whole, "it's about freaking time you signed up" and that worked to perfection. i let him simmer until about 4 that afternoon before finally confessing.

of course, i was laughing too hard to actually confess right away and he just started yelling at me over the phone because that shit was just too funny. try it sometime.