I can't be held responsible for the things I say or write...


Goal #2 accomplished.

It's that time of year. The time of year where you get 4-5 days off of school or work. The time of year where those who decided to go off to college with a significant other have broken up and are about to see each other for the first time since the overly emotional split. It's that time of year.

It's also that time of year where yours truly accomplishes goal number 2 of his teaching career, which was simply....make it to Thanksgiving break intact and encouraged.

I can proudly say we are there. Ladies, gentlemen, Prison Break fans...we've made it. Maybe we should celebrate with a best of worst of:

Worst events of the last few months:
-nearly quitting after 3 days due to the extreme overwhelming atmosphere i found myself in.
-being threatened with physical violence by a kid i could eat in one sitting.
-realizing that some kids are woefully behind in their math, to the point where adding is difficult.
-understanding what kids should know vs. what kids haven't learned yet

Best of:
-tops on my list:

yesterday was a review day for a test today. 4 girls wanted to come upstairs for extra help...or at least that's what they said. when it rains during lunch, the kids have to sit/do work/read quietly outside the cafeteria. these girls pretended they wanted extra help so they could come upstairs and talk. while upstairs they start joking about how this girl has a crush on some boy, who it laters turns out they are already expressing their crushes...not bonin, but crushin yo. anyway, they narrow down the hallway for me but i never ask who it is. about 10 minutes later they make fun of me for having a wife or something stupid (i don't understand 11 year olds). so i make fun of her because she's dating joshua....wait, i guess i do understand 11 year olds because this is roughly my mentality level as well. she immediately goes pale and everyone laughs at her. about 10 minutes after that, joshua walks by my classroom and i call him into my room. the girl jumps out of her seat and hides in the closet. point to Mr. Van Leer.

-some kids you can actually talk to honestly and get respect from. other kids aren't there yet as people. it's nice to have some kids who understand what you're trying to get across and don't take it as a teacher telling a kid not to do something. smart kids who understand people and people relationships are surprising refreshing to teach. they keep you honest. they keep other students honest...and they get good grades...which is key.

stay scofield.