I can't be held responsible for the things I say or write...


Now with more suggies....

What the hell is a suggie you ask? Well, it's a suggestion stupid.

Of late I've had some interesting events take part in my life. I recently scored more than 10 points in a basketball game. I recently attended alumni weekend where I decided I hate ruddiger. So, Ruddiger, if you're reading this....FUCK YOU RUDDIGER.

I got a blackberry but only know 1 person to blackberry message with.

I can put my itunes songs on my blackberry....only I don't have itunes.

LOST started again. I decided after the opening 2 episodes that with all this time travel and dudes in jail (not trying to spoil anything here) that it officially jumped the shark. Then I watched the 3rd episode of the season and IT'S AWESOME.

24 is back but who knew?

SCRUBS is back in full effect. It's actually funny and not shitty again. Plus there is a guy who shares the same as yours truly on it, so I dig it.

I saw my first fight at school. A 6th grade boy slapped a 7th grade girl in the face. She screamed "Don't you fucking slap me [n word]" and then slapped him. He fell and so she kicked him while he was down. it was hilarious. I happened in front of 26 other 6th graders and 25 8th graders. I spent the walk up to the 5th floor with the class wondering if I could get away without bringing this fight to the attention of the principal. I decided I couldn't. When I told the assistant principal what happened, she smacked both kids in the forehead with the palm of her hand. it was even more hilarious.

I had a flashback yesterday to working at the law firm and started freaking out at work. actually, i had a couple of flashbacks yesterday and I'm still fucking freaking out over here. It doesn't help that the dr. is at work until midnight all week and I go to bed at 9 (exaggeration) so i get no adult conversation outside of work and the blackberry messenger. When I say going to bed at 9 is an exaggeration it's because I actually have been going to bed around 7:45 and asleep before 8:30!!!

Also, yesterday on the bus, an undercover cop kept pulling people off the bus who tried to walk on through the backdoor. NO HOMO ON THESE BUSES MOFUKAS. The bus driver was also waiting for everyone to be behind the white line until she would drive. It was a small, very crowded bus. Then this one dude started yelling at the bus driver to drive the fucking bus so we just sat there for an extra bit. It was pretty funny when other people would ask, "can I please just slap this [n word]?" Then the yelling guy would say I dare you and then someone would say step off the bus and say that and then the yelling guy would say the exact words back only sarcastically....and then the whole bus would start cracking up. It was fun.

I took a student's cell phone the other day because no cell phones are allowed at school. Parents have to then come and pick them up. The mother called me and bitched about how the phone wasn't out and I shouldn't have taken it. Then she said that even though I'm a good teacher, I need to start thinking about the fact the kids are just out of elementary school and I need to change the way I speak and act towards them. Then she said some students are afraid of me and she is considering pulling her child out of the school simply because of me. I stopped listening too intently after she told me I was a good teacher. I was like, "SWEET". Then I tried to explain my rationale for taking the phone and it sounded pretty silent on the other end. Her mom had hung up. I really wanted to call back and say, "I'm sorry, we must have got disconnected" but I decided to be a bigger person.

On bigger person notes, I started running again. The wife and I have been going on yogs around central park. We run together for the majority and then at the end I start running at a fast pace. It's an awesome feeling to be able to kick it into high gear with a smile on my face. I missed that. I wouldn't be able to do that if I didn't spend 80 - 90% of the run at that pace, but I still enjoy what I refer to as, "opening it up".

On that note, happy new year. The slogans are slacking this year, so I don't really want to put anything here yet. Until then, I'm open to suggies.

I mean, it could be fuck you ruddiger in 09 but that doesn't rhyme.